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Girls in Mumbai who want to work as independent call girls like freelancers are hired by us. Not all girls have the money and time to manage an escort website, so they join us, and we refer them to our precious customers.

If you have surfed this website you will realize that we offer escorts services in Mumbai at reasonably low rates to our other counterparts, at the same time maintaining the quality of the service which includes:- the looks of our hot girls, hygiene levels, good behavior, involvement with the client during the erotic play, and giving the appropriate amount of time and attention during the meeting.

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Freelancer Mumbai Call Girls

Not all men desire the same type of girl, they have different liking, dislikings, and taste that a single girl cannot fulfill. Different types of women satisfy different needs of different men. And as an agency, we recruit many call girls who want to work in Mumbai as a freelancer. As per the requirement of our client, we send them profiles, from which you can select a girl, and invite her to your own place or in a Hotel Room.

“” an only Independent Escorts Agency in Mumbai

There are Escorts Agencies, then there are so-called Independent escorts or Call Girls who most of the time are agencies with a website that has a girl’s name. Your call may be answered by one of their female operators. We are saying that we are an escort agency in Mumbai but we are also Independent in nature because our call girls work as per their own wishes. That is why we have contacts of many Mumbai call girls so that our client gets what he wants on any day. If Rita is not working today, then we will refer Aisha to you. Physical engagement with our independent call girls is quite satisfactory.

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Couple-friendly Hotels in Mumbai for sex

There are some Hotels that restrict young couples. But then there are also many Hotels that are couple-friendly. Using Hotel Room to have sex with your partner is a good and safe option. This gives employment to the Hotel staff, people don’t use public places for such vulgarity. There are many small towns where people go to some public park and find a corner somewhere and then they get engaged in the foreplay, a high passion may even lead to unsafe coitus as somebody might record you from a zoom camera.

Now if you don’t have your own place, we can help you book a couple-friendly hotel room, where you can meet our escorts discreetly, and enjoy your time with her. This is not very costly, we can help you book one at very low rates.

Call Girls for disabled (differently abled) men in Mumbai

We all crave human touch, and as human beings, we should have empathy toward others. Pink Lips Mumbai has some call girls who are comfortable providing their services to men who are differently abled.

Disabilities can have many forms. It is not just limited to physical disability. Emotions are also something, that is part of us, without emotions we don’t take action. Any man who has some kind of disability but is willing to meet a Call Girl in Mumbai can contact us and take our services at the same rates.

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Is it safe to book a Mumbai Call Girl?

The Internet is an easy way to search for anything. If are searching for call girls for sex in Mumbai on search engines, you will get many options. But be very careful, there are scammers also, who will ask you to pay money in advance and will not provide you with the services.

Most the scammers will use classifieds website because it is very easy to put up an ad for free. If a call girl or her agency doesn’t have a website of their own, then they don’t have any other identity on the Internet except that ad they just posted on many-many classifieds websites.

Genuine call girls also post ads on classifieds websites, but they also have their own websites. Like us, we do post ads on some popular escort ad posting websites in Mumbai, but we also have this website, it represents us on Google, Social Media, and other available platforms. is a brand, and we genuinely want our clients to be satisfied, because only then they will come back to us or refer us to their friends. In most cases, we don’t ask for any advance payment, although some sort of reference or identity is important sometimes to verify the authenticity of the customer, especially when you call us at night and ask for call girl services in Mumbai at 12 midnight at your place, if you call from a Hotel then no need for advance payment.

Trust us as a reputed call girl agency in Mumbai, we only want you to have a pretty good time with our girls.

Our Mumbai call girls provide full satisfaction

You may wonder how Call Girls can provide you full satisfaction. It begins with your personal needs, and what kind of activities you want to have with the call girl. Suppose you only want to have dinner at some nice restaurant with a sexy girl, who is well-dressed, well-mannered, and who can share a laugh with you, now at our agency we have many girls who are very friendly, open to speak up their minds, are very good listeners, and if such a girl fulfills your wish to have a nice Dinner Date in Mumbai, then you will be satisfied.

This is just a normal example, we know that you won’t hire our Mumbai call girl just for having dinner with you. As we said before also, whatever your personal needs are, whatever fantasies you have, you can share your thoughts with our model, and she will try her best to satisfy you. We as an agency are always ready for feedback and we always work on our shortcomings.

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Cheapest vs Cheap Call Girls in Mumbai

There are many places in Mumbai where you can find street cheap prostitutes, they may cost you around Rs. 1000 for a 1-single shot. Their price is not just the cheapest, they are also very cheap-looking ladies, whose job is to fuck at least 10-20 men daily. Do you want to meet such ladies? If yes, then you can visit Grant Road or a nearby station and look for them near bridges.

Pink Lips neither deals with such clients nor provides street prostitutes to our clients. Our call girls are independent in nature, they work as per their own wish when they are available, their daily target is not to fuck 10-20 men, they enjoy casual sex from time to time with appropriate men. Most of them have a day job, are college-going girls, strugglers in the film industry, or maybe a housewife, and they enjoy working as call girls on a part-time basis only. Such good-looking girls are provided to you at lower rates than anywhere else online in Mumbai city. We provide high-profile girls at cheap rates, we don’t provide cheap call girls.

Pink Lips Models for casual sex in Mumbai

If you live in Mumbai and you are looking for casual sex online, then you can give our Pink Lips Models a chance to serve you and please you. Our girls can even meet you at your own residence at no extra cost. Or in case, you don’t have your own place, then we can arrange a couple-friendly Hotel Room for casual sex in Mumbai.

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Local Call Girl Service

First thing brothels are illegal in Mumbai, India. You will find cheap street prostitutes standing here and there, but you will not find brothels in every locality. If you have your own place, then Pink Lips can send its model to your place and you can carry on from there. There may be some couple-friendly hotels in your area where you can our call girls can meet, so this is how you can get local call girls service in your area.

Pickup points for call girls in Mumbai

There is no specific point for our models. At your convenience our call girls can reach you at any pickup point, you just have to name the place. It can be a mall, restaurant, movie theatre, some popular place, market, hospital, college, or any local station of Mumbai, nearby your place, or far from it. We even provide door-to-door service, so don’t worry about any pickup point, just call us and we will arrange everything for you hassle-free, you just think about the things you are going to do to her.

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What types of call girls are available at

We have a wide range of girls with different personalities, backgrounds, and portfolios. As per the demand we recruit our independent Mumbai call girls. From us, you can hire Housewives, College Girls, Bhabhi, Models, Airhostess, Hotel staff girls, Chubby girls, slim-fit girls, and busty MILFs for a full discreet relationship.

Contact Pink Lips to hire call girls in Mumbai

Hiring a call girl in Mumbai is not a big deal. If you have made up your mind and you wish to hire Pink Lips models, then all you have to do is just call or WhatsApp us at +91-9168140740.

Or you can even mail us at [email protected]

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