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Sexy Aarti in Black Mini Skirt
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18+ Young Indian Teen
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Are you a Doer or a Thinker?
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A Middle-class call girl for Middle-class people.
Boobita is looking pretty in mini-floral-outfit, she is sitting on sexy red couch
Young Divorcee and a Mother Available To Satisfy Your Lust.
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About Pink Lips Mumbai Call Girls

Are you being lonely, unhappy, or unsatisfied for some time and looking for Pink Escorts in Mumbai? If yes, then we are here to rescue you and make your romantic life:- memorable and sensually vivid. Pink Lips is a client-friendly adult dating agency that helps you meet Independent Mumbai Call Girls when you have any personal requirement i.e. a desire to have a girlfriend or housewife like experience with a female companion.

We feel proud to say that we have served many men in the city, which includes single men looking for a girlfriend online, divorced men looking to lift up their mood, busy working men who find it difficult to get into relationships with a girl/woman, unsatisfied/unhappy married men, boys who just want to have some fun:- nightout, party hard.

Our job is to fix your date with a reliable, attractive girl and make sure, she reaches you at a pre-decided location on time. As a responsible escorts agency in Mumbai, your feedback as a customers means a lot to us; this helps us serve you better. Clients who continue with our call girls Mumbai escorts services on regular basis often enjoy courtship at discounted rates.

Through Pink Lips you can hire Mumbai call girls at cheap rates in comparison to other so-called high-profile claiming Independent escorts and agencies. You can reduce the damages by a huge perecentage if you take up services from us. We hire independent girls only who willing want to work in this profession, and we want to serve only middle-class people, we always try to offer you a good service, good-looking sexy models who can satisfy your lustful desires at very reasonable rates, that is why we keep the prices at a level that helps the girls maintain their lifestyle while sharing their beautiful body and emotions with you in a private room of yours.

For more information you have a nice look at this website and if you want to get in touch with us and enjoy perks of being our customer just call us at +91-9168140740. Our Mumbai call girls can reach you at any time at a public or a private place like Home, Hotel Room. We also provide hotel room booking service in case you don't have your own private place.

Sexy call girl sitting on stairs, wearing ligh pink and blue 1 piece outfit
Wife Swapping
Sometimes you get an opportunity to join a couple, but for some reason, you cannot bring your own wife. But you really like his wife and you want to make out with her. In such cases, you can hire a call girl and explain her things before taking her to the wife swapping party. Nobody will know that she is not your wife and you will be able to have fun with the other man’s woman.
Sexy Indian Hotel Receptionist in Saree and Revealing Blouse
Hotel Receptionist
You must have encountered a Hotel Receptionist, they are sweet, always ready to help you and book a room for you. What if they even come to your Hotel Room and provide you some extra service? Some people will do anything just to get better reviews online from their guests. There are some resorts too in Mumbai which provide you directly in-room service. If you are staying in a resort or in a Hotel in Mumbai, book a call girl with us and enjoy your stay.
Young unmarried teacher in ethnic wear
Sexy Teacher Fantasy
When you were studying did you had a crush on one of your madam? Naughty Boy, don’t you still miss her? Pink Lips fulfills some of your role-playing fantasies and one of which is of Teacher and Student. It is time to get punished again but your strict teacher or you want to dominate your teacher this time? Ask Pink Lips for call girls who can fulfill your role-playing fantasies.

Rules & Regulations

  1. Pay extra attention to your health, if you are sick then avoid meeting for the best
  2. Carry sealed condoms with yourself
  3. Carry money in advance and in cash if possible, don't waste time in going to the ATM afterwards
  4. Treat our girls with respect and care, do not indulge in any kind of violence
  5. Do not abuse drugs in front of our girls
  6. Do not negotiate on price after the girl has reched you
Cute white girl standing tall in her orange shorts
Lick Milky Thick Thighs
This is a true fact about Indians, that most of us are sexually attracted to chubby women. Like when Sonakshi joined Cinema, she was fat but everybody loved her for that, the young boys, as well as middle to older age men. These days Heroines try to maintain close to zero figures but still, we love chubby girls, we love deep naval, we love armpits and our favorite thick juicy milky thighs. So grab some legs, call Pink Lips and meet a sweet fat girl in Mumbai.
Young girl posing sexy for the camera, showing off her sexy legs
Best Desi Teens
Do you know what arouses some people? It is the contrast. Contrast is sexy. If you are a middle-aged man or older person and you like sweet, young girls in their teens, then you can contact us and we will refer to you some of the most beautiful desi teens in Mumbai. Desi Teens includes girls between 18 to 20 yrs old. They definitely lack some life experience and can learn a couple of things from you.
Girl sitting on couch in her air-hostess outfit
Ride an Air-Hostess
Have you ever dated an Air-Hostess? Air Hostess has to travel a lot from one city to another. And this gives them the opportunity to work as a call girl to make some extra money. It is not like all Air-Hostess do this, but yes some of them are opportunist. Just like flying via plane has become convenient and so does it meeting these gorgeous, talented, always smiling, customer-friendly Air Hostesses.

Outcall Escorts Services in Mumbai

Prostitution is legal in India, what is illegal then? It is managing brothels privately. And we do not do that. In Mumbai, we provide out-call services only. If you have a place or if you want to meet outside in public then only you can hire our call girls. Your place can be your home, a hotel room where you are staying, or any other place where you feel comfortable and safe. In case if you don't have a place and you still want our service then we can book a Hotel Room for you within your Budget.

Service in Mumbai Hotels & Booking

Call Girls can be picked up from nearby any Hotel in Mumbai, but make sure you have done advance booking with us. She can also reach your Hotel Room directly. We can also book a room in any hotel in Mumbai for you, an extra price needs to be paid according to the Hotel's Tariff.

In what areas of Mumbai, PinkLips provides its services?

Mumbai is the biggest city in India, the population is huge. Pink Lips is a local agency and it serves clients who are in Mumbai only. We do not send our girls to other cities, we do sometimes get calls from other cities but we avoid them and suggest them to look for any local escort agency. So, if you live in any area of Mumbai, you can ask us for service.


Duration (in Hours) Donation (in INR)
1-2 (Quickie) Rs. 6,000
2-4 (Short Duration) Rs. 12,000
4-8 (Full Night) Rs. 20,000
24 (Full Day) Rs. 30,000

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find prostitutes in Mumbai? It is illegal to privately own and operate a brothel. Although being a prostitute is not illegal. You can find prostitutes all over Mumbai. You can find the cheapest ones standing near stations, on bridges. But if you are a classy man you will definitely want some high-profile call girl, which you can hire from sites like this one.
Is there any MILF available? Single Mothers, Divorced Moms, and Unsatisfied Married Women are all available. Most of them are in their 30s and 40s, MILFs have a nice curvy body, enlarged boobs, thick juicy thighs, and an appetite to have sex with men in Mumbai for cash payment. You can receive them directly to your place, they are very experienced, they know how to entertain clients properly, and they are not shy from licking you in those most sensitive private parts of your body. Hire MILFs in Mumbai from our agency, whenever you feel aroused for a hot mom, that you would like to fuck.
How can I find Bollywood call girls in Mumbai? Mumbai is known for Bollywood, which is the Hindi Film Industry. Many young girls come to Mumbai to become an actress/model. And some of them choose to operate as a professional call girl. Some just want to earn that extra cash, some want fun. Pink Lips knows some of these girls who are from Bollywood and the TV Industry who can meet you for the conference in private. These girls come with a larger price tag and lots of attitudes, not all men can handle.
Does PinkLips provide foreigners call girls? Mumbai is an International City, it attracts people from all around the world. Mumbai has become a high profile center of flesh trade. You may find Thai girls, Russians, Ukrainian, Nigerians working as call girls in Mumbai. Some of them even work in Bollywood as background dancers or background artists. Pink Lips can help you meet one such girl for sure.
Is it safe to get a blowjob from a sex worker? Blowjob is one very common and popular form of sex. In today's time, you google for the side effects of just anything and you are not going to get disappointed. Blowjobs are mostly safe for the receiver and not so safe for the givers, so it is advised to put a condom on before giving a blowjob to a customer.
What other fun activities a call girl can participate in? Call Girls are Human Beings too and who doesn't like to have fun? Apart from getting intimate, they can be your secret friend with whom you can share your dark fantasies or unsaid desires. Just like everybody, they may dance, sing, drink, or smoke, they may be foodie or diet conscious. Different people have different desires, likings, and disliking, hobbies and certainly, they will do anything for enjoyment, time pass, and pleasure.
Advance Payment Pink Lips will never ask you to transfer money online prior to the meeting. Although if a client wants to give some money in advance from his side, then we accept that. Whether you pay us in advance or you want to pay in-hand, we make sure that you get value for money service and the best call girl service in Mumbai.
What are some safe Sex joints in Mumbai? Not all Hotels like to accept unmarried couples openly even in Mumbai. It is both a good and bad thing according to us. But now there are Hotels which let unmarried couples book room and have fun in private. Booking a Hotel Room for sex in Mumbai is a safe thing to do, it is better than borrowing a room from friends, safer than getting intimate in parks.
Why Some call girls are expensive than others? It is related to self-worth. Knowledgeable girls from good social background, from high-class society, like Bollywood, Foreigners or Airhostess, Young College Girls, Young Bhabhi, will definitely be going to charge you more. Quality comes at a price.
What is the price for 1 shot/round? 1 Shot is equivalent to a companionship time of around 1 hour. And this costs you Rs.6,000, price negotiable.
What about married women/Aunties or Bhabhi, are they available? Unsatisfied, unemployed, sexy Bhabhi in Mumbai, are available at PinkLips.co.in, if you want to fuck a married woman, your lust can be satisfied by our Housewife or Married Call Girls.
What will be the charges for call girl service for the full night? Spend just Rs.50,000 and meet high profile Mumbai call girls for the full night session.
Is a Condom safe during sex with a call girl? A condom is a must during sex, it protects you from unwanted sexual diseases, and avoid pregnancy.
Threesome with a Couple? If you have any sexual fantasy like having a threesome and you want a beautiful call girl to join the act, then you just have to call us and let us know about your fantasy.
Dating for old men in Mumbai. If you old like 50+ something, then it is not easy to find a young hot girl who is willing to be your girlfriend. It is not impossible though. When you were young, you could attract a girl with your looks, and now you can attract them with your experience and money. Money is the most powerful tool, ever invented, if you have cash, we have a young date for you.
sexy young bhabhi in red sleeveless blouse, black saree, showing her naval button
Not so innocent Bhabhi
We respect each other, we respect married women and their loyalty towards their husbands. And if Bhabhi is beautiful, we adore her from a distance, we never cross our boundaries. But what if the same Bhabhi comes and asks you to fuck her, will you deny the offer? Of course not, but we want to be united with another human being, sex is a wonderful medium to know another person. And Bhabhi who wants to get engaged with another man can be hired through us.
A Bollywood Actress sitiing in super sexy black swimwear, sitting near pool
Bollywood Celebrities
Meet talented artists i.e. Dancers, Actors, Heroines, and have a discreet 1 on 1 session, with them. Explore their lifestyle, take selfies and you can know about the personal life, their likings, and disliking. One great opportunity to get into a relationship with a Bollywood female celebrity.
30 something woman revealing her hot milky thighs, she is big woman, not able to manage her overflowing beauty
Busty Milfs
30+ women living a satisfactory married life who also have young kids may still want to explore their sexuality. They have lots of love juice for you and are always best to have in bed as they are quite experienced in sex, they know all the tricks to make you cum sooner and have enormous milky boobs, thighs for you to caress, lick and melt into.
young girl showing off her back with a promsie of giving her customer full girlfriend experience
Girlfriend Experience
What makes a girlfriend ideal, can you think of any such qualities? A girlfriend who is loyal, who fears that she will get caught but she still meets her lover, who initially resists cock sucking but takes it in her mouth just because she doesn’t want to disappoint her boyfriend, can you think of any other ideal qualities. Big Boobs, Cute Butt, Lovely Face what else do you want? At whatever age you are right now, you can still enjoy a girlfriend experience with PinkLips.
unsatisfied housewife sitting almost nude in bed
Unsatisfied Housewife
25-40 years old woman in Mumbai, who are separated from their husband, divorcee, or whose husbands have lived most of their married life out of the town, seeks male clients for some paid fun. Some people have this fantasy to fuck older women, or some men just want to sleep with another man's wife. Sometimes I too get surprised, how different we humans are, we all have different tastes and desires. Even different things arouse us sexually. We are not the same, and not the same is our erotic Indian Housewives.
college girl, white, fair, in pink top and blue jeans
Date a College Girl
When we are young, we often take some bold steps in life. Somethings these steps become life-changing experiences. Some bold college girls have joined Pink Lips and they are committed to work and meet sugar daddies. We are most materialistic when we are young and all these beautiful girls just want to have some fun. If you think you can handle these girls at this fragile age, then you can call us and book a date with one such hot young babe.

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