10 Reasons that make Pink Lips a better Mumbai Call Girl Agency

If you want to hire independent call girls, then you can do so via Pink Lips. Because girls want to maintain their privacy and are uncomfortable in publishing their number directly online because you know what she can go through if she does so. But they can share their number with you personally if they trust you and find out that you are a legitimate customer and this can happen only after her first experience with you.

Here in this post, we are going to tell you, what are some of the factors that make Pink Lips a better call girl agency over others, as there are many in Mumbai. And our competitors are not just other agencies but independent escorts too.


We have several girls from different parts of India working for our agency. All these girls do the job willingly and are not forced into adult work in any way. North Indian, and South Indian girls, young girls from east India all serving in the western part of India, and of course we also have local girls.

We let you meet different women from different cultures, speaking different languages. You can interact with a new person at an intimate level, no independent call girl or escort can give you that.

Doorstep Service

You don’t have to leave your Hotel Room or Place, you get the service where you are. You are not required to take risks and visit some dark-shady areas of Mumbai, our call girls will visit you at any pre-decided location and as per the schedule.

Hotel Booking Available

We don’t operate any brothel or we don’t operate from any location in Mumbai. We only provide out-call service. But in case you don’t have a place, then we can help you in booking a couple-friendly Hotel Room anywhere in Mumbai.

Price Negotiable

Firstly, we don’t charge a dime from you for sex, that is your choice. We only expect some donation for the time the call girl spend some time with you. And donations are not fixed, we can negotiate if things are not so busy, especially on working days. On weekends traffic is too much.

Customer-Friendly Staff

All socializing jobs demand customer-friendliness. We are not after your money, earning money is competitive but not difficult in this field. We want customer satisfaction and the first and most important thing is being understood, and affectionate toward our clients seeking sex services in Mumbai.

Talking sweet is not being customer-friendly, guiding a customer in selecting what is best for him, helping him choose the right call girl that suits his fantasy, and making things easy is what makes us a better agency than the others.

24/7 Availability

We attend calls even at 11 pm, we take the booking and then we provide the service. We are open 24/7, our staff is very hardworking and we are some of the people who don’t let Mumbai Sleep at Night.

No Advance Payment

Beware of fraudsters, the first thing they will ask you to deposit or transfer some booking amount in advance, and some people will ask you for money as security.

Sometimes clients are also frauds, they will call a girl at a place and then snatch her belongings or may abuse her. We have to deal with all kinds of situations. But this is also true that there is a rise in fraud-independent call girls and agents. To tackle them we don’t demand any money in advance from the customer. We accept only cash-in-hand.

Ambitious Call Girls

We give our girls an opportunity to grow. We don’t expect them to work in this industry forever. They may have their own reason to choose this job, but if they want they can grow, even in this field or in any other field. Everybody gets retired at some age, so we help our girls understand this in case they deviate in life.

Clean Background

We don’t indulge in any kind of illegal activity. We love to maintain our reputation because a well-trusted name is not easy to build. As an agency, we work hard, and we also wish for decent, well-mannered clients.


When you contact us, we send you images of girls on WhatsApp. These girls are real, their photos are genuine and they are the ones whom you have the access to meet at that particular hour of the day. With us, you will always get WYSIWYG meaning What You See Is What You Get.

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