A to Z Massage Services in Mumbai with a Happy Ending

Hot masseuse (massage girls) are available in Mumbai for men looking for erotic massage sessions for pleasure and satisfaction, in a hotel room or at home.

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Looking for an erotic massage session from a sensuous masseuse in Mumbai? You will be happy to know that Pink Lips, is now also providing sexy massage girls to clients looking for a massage with a happy ending in Mumbai. Erotic massage is a kind of foreplay only, where a girl will massage your full body with warm oil. Starting from your legs to your head, the female massager will use her palms, forearms, her boobs, her feet to massage you thoroughly in the most seductive way possible.

Our massage girls are trained Mumbai call girls who want to handle men seeking sexy massage in Mumbai. There are some massage parlors where the girls will have sex with you after the massage, but these massage parlors working like a brothel in Mumbai are not safe, They can be raided anytime. A nice gentleman like you would not take such a huge risk.

If you have your own private place (or Hotel Room) where you can have explicit massage safely, then we can send a masseuse direct to your place. You can safely enjoy it in the comfort of your own place. You don’t have to travel anywhere or risk your reputation. And if you don’t have your own place, then we know a couple of Hotels where you can enjoy safe sex with your partner in Mumbai. And you don’t have to worry about the pricing, they are cheap, and will not cost you much.

Now if we talk about the benefits of massage, then there are many. First of all, it is very rejuvenating, It is a very good mood changer, your whole body feels relaxed, and a good massage is quite dreamy, it can make you fall asleep, blood circulation gets better, and your muscles get relaxed, like many of our clients are gym goers, because after rigorous workout for several days, the body gets very tight, and a good massage helps in getting back flexibility in those tight muscles, it helps in better recovery of the muscle, plus our sexy massage girls in Mumbai are quite entertaining, they really really help you release all the tension that you are holding for so long.

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What does the “A to Z Massage” service mean?

Whatever you want to have in a private erotic massage session, will be done to you. Now what you want, you can think about it. Our job is to fulfill your fantasies, our Mumbai massage girls will do their best to satisfy your sexual requests. A to Z means anything that can be done during the massage which satisfied you completely.

What does “Happy Ending“ mean in a Massage?

Our massage call girls will massage you in a bikini and bra, warm oil will be poured on your body, and using their warm and soft hands they will rub your body parts, your whole body will be nicely massaged, and you will start to feel hot, your sensitive private parts will start getting aroused, they will soon remove your underwear and put some oil now on your balls and dick, now things will start to get out of control, with every stroke more and more blood will flow to your penis, now you just want to release the tension, you want to massage girl to do something about, now as per your likings, she can either give you a handjob, a blowjob, or intercourse. After you cum, you will be relaxed, your lust has calmed down, and now you feel joyful, satisfied, and Happy, so that is the happy-ending massage for you.

In what situation you should avoid our massage service?

In case you are having some sort of medical condition, and you are looking for massage, in that case, we would suggest you take up massage services from some Physiotherapist in Mumbai nearby your place. We don’t treat any medical condition, our A to Z Massage Services are for romantic, recreational activities only. Our goal is to entertain our clients with our massage service in a way so them feel aroused and wants to cum. So, if you are having any medical condition, please consult a doctor for it, someone who has medical expertise.

masseuse massaging calves of guy in red bikini only

Types of erotic massage in Mumbai for pleasure and full satisfaction

Any type of massage where body-to-body play is there is considered erotic massage. To not make things complicated, we have listed two types of massage forms that we consider erotic in nature i.e. Orgasmic Massage and Nuru Massage. Some other names of these massage forms can be:- Tantric Massage, Yoni Massage, Dick Massage, Private parts massage, etc.

Orgasmic Massage – In this type of erotic massage form, the goal is to reach the level equivalent to an orgasm. A client reaches orgasm very soon, but if you want to see your massage girl getting a nice orgasm, you might have to put more than just your dick.

Nuru Massage – In this massage form, the whole body is used to massage the client. It is a complete body-to-body rub massage, after putting the oil on the whole body, it gets easy for the massage girl to rub herself on you, it is a very sensual experience, a kind of foreplay, and of course with a happy ending.

Massage Tools and Accessories used

Our Mumbai massage girls, also use some electric massagers which help take the pleasure to some new heights. Most of these electric massagers are types of vibrators, which can massage your face, scalp, neck, leg, back, feet, and entire body, making you feel relaxed and joyful. Some pointed wooden rollers are also used manually for tickling sensation and pressing the important points in the body.

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Pinks Lips is best known to provide tailored massage service

We provide massage services for enjoyment and pleasure. So, our massage services don’t go by any specific definition. For us client comes first, we go according to the client’s demands. Like some clients don’t like to be tickled, while others enjoy the tickling sensation, some like teasing, some enjoy the anal play more, some like facesitting, some ask for a handjob, and other wants a blowjob. Our Mumbai massage girls are very flexible, in fulfilling clients’ demands, we want you to get satisfied with our massage service in Mumbai.

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