Denied of sex Mumbai man seeks comfort in Mumbai Escorts

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After some years of marriage, couples may find it difficult to stay romantically attracted to each other. After having kids or after being married for many years, a wife may deny her man sex or maybe she is denying it now. Is your wife denying sex to you? Or, you are not attracted to your wife anymore? Charm is not permanent, it may happen that you develop sexual fantasies for other women. You may want to have sex with other young girls, or you may want to have sex with another woman.

Willing to have sex with another woman is quite thrilling. It makes you feel excited. You get an erection when you have these crazy thoughts about fucking a sexy girl in your workplace, or the girl you saw somewhere. The erection that your wife is unable to give you any more.

Marriages can be hard sometimes. A husband and wife can have lots of tough times together, lots of fights, dishonesty, the wife having an affair online, being mean to you, insults, and saying things that hurt you, there can be a lot going on between the two.

Sexless Marriage vs Mental Health

So this guy, we name him Alok (46), married for some 15 years, the frequency of having sex with his wife has drastically diminished. He is a busy guy, he works in a private company, and he works hard to give his boy a nice education, and a good environment to live in. His wife is a housewife, she is also a good woman, she is not unfaithful or having an affair, but Alok is not anymore sexually attracted to her.

His wife Deepti (44) also doesn’t make any move to attract him, or she doesn’t do anything much in bed. Bad sex or a spouse showing no interest in sex will initiate a mental breakdown, not immediately but over a period of time.

Alok regularly hires an Escort in Mumbai for Mental Peace

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Alok met us a couple of months ago, he was a normal customer of us then. He regularly hires escorts from our agency. Alok is now like a friend to us. He told us about his sexless marriage, and how our escorts helped him recover his lost confidence and mental peace.

He says just because of regular sex with our good-looking babes, he is also happier at home with his family. Now they don’t fight much, and their marriage is on track after all Marriages are for life, and Deepti is her life partner. They both have spent a share of their life together, they can’t imagine life without each other. They both have emotional sentiments for each other.

But for his sexual satisfaction and needs, Alok hires female escorts.

Restore passion within with our Escorts for married men and couples

A small fling can surely do wonders in your married life. There a many couples who are open to each other and would invite a girl from our agency. You can hire escorts from our agency alone or as a couple. Our talented and sexy escorts will help you revive your passion for sex and romance.

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