Life of female escorts in Mumbai, India

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I was reading this topic on Quora – Life of escorts in India, so I thought to write my own views on Life of escorts in Mumbai specifically. As you all know Pink Lips provides escort services in Mumbai, so we deal here with girls, clients, and several other related situations.

There are two aspects here – firstly, Why does a girl choose to become an Escort? The second aspect is – Why a client hires an Escort. But we will focus on the life of the escort here.

Why does a girl choose to become an Escort?

Choosing to become an escort would not be so easy for most girls. The girls who are aware of this line of work may only opt for such a job if they need money and they like sex. See a person may hire an escort not just for sex, there can be social reasons also which may not involve any physical interaction between the male client and female service provider, but this entirely depends on the male client, and what he wants. A female who chooses to become an escort in Mumbai or anywhere in the world knows in the back of her mind that most of the time, nobody is going to pay them just for dinner or a conversation.

Most men and most of the time, they will hire an escort in India for sex only. Escorts are also marked with different types of services that are directly related to sex, like Cum in Mouth, Blowjob, Threesome, etc. So, this clears any doubt in the mind, why an Escort is hired.

So, a girl who chooses to become an Escort knows what the job requirement is. What they will have to do with the clients when they are hired and how much they will charge for their services. A girl who likes sex and needs money can only work in this industry willingly.

Dual-life of a Mumbai Escort

Mumbai is a very packed society, meaning it is densely populated, life is fast here which means, people find less time to spend with their neighbors or know each other well. It gives a perfect opportunity to girls who want to work as an escort in the city because nobody is too concerned about what they do. But still, you cannot sell sex openly, because the families around us need to be respected, you have to maintain a certain image in the society. People should not know that you are a high-profile hooker online, for this reason, most escorts website do not display real pics of the girls.

Mumbai is not an easy place to live. You have to survive here every day. Without a good salaried job or a business, life is very tough for people. Without money, you cannot live in a good area, you will have to travel a lot to reach your workplace, you will have to kill your desires, share rooms, you will always be tired, you will always have to go for cheap options. People spend their whole life in just working and eating like machines.

If you want to work as an escort in Mumbai and make some extra cash for yourself, you must be secretive about it. Because if people would know your work details, they might not even accept you in the society.

Join an Agency or Work Independently

Through an agency getting clients is easier than working independently with no experience. Also, an agency will protect you in any situation. An agency will promote your profile, and share your cropped pics with clients, spend all the time and money on marketing, and make sure that you get the work. This is how Pink Lips operates. And if you choose to work independently, nobody is stopping you there either. You can do well both ways and enjoy an extra flow of money.

Achieve your goals by working part-time as an Escort

Taking a loan from a Bank to buy an iPhone is a bad decision this is what all financial pandits will tell you. But if you are taking a loan to invest at some place that would give you good returns is a good choice. Similarly, whatever your current life situation is, and you are not able to achieve your goals because of them, then if you work as an escort part-time and you change your life to something positive, all these emotional, mental, or physical stress that you will be taking will not get wasted completely.

Many girls work part-time as escorts in Mumbai to support their families, complete their education, start a new business, to fulfill their desires and dreams. Look how Sunny Leone started her career as a Porn Star and ended up working in Bollywood. She gained the respect of the people in the end.

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