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When a girl decides to work as a call girl, her life changes drastically. Here I am referring to Independent Call Girls only and more specifically our experience at We have many girls who work for us independently. When an agency like us uses the word independent, it means that these girls work as a freelancer with us. Sometimes they are willing to work and sometimes they are not, it is all their wish.

A girl decides to become a call girl for a reason and in most cases it is the Money. When a girl finds no other source of steady income, or she realizes the immense potential of working in the adult industry, she joins an agency and starts meeting men in exchange for some money. Money starts to flow and financial conditions slowly start to improve. A point comes when a girl can either quit or continue, and some girls do quit, but they join again as they find any financial difficulty in life.

A call girl has to live a dual life while working as an Escort. Because of society, one cannot openly confess about her work profile. They have to lie to their parents, friends. They have to be prepared in advance so that they can leave home in case of any urgent booking.

Sexy Indian Call Girl, lying in her bed, showing off her sexy juicy legs
A call girl posing for the camera in bed, showing off her beautiful legs

After becoming a call girl, she becomes very careful. There is always some risk involved, not just of the family but also from clients. The secret has to be well protected, in some cases if the girl is married or has a boyfriend, they have to hide it from them also. Not all partners will support you for your job. In some cases a girl falls in love after joining this field, it could be a client or a pimp. All relationships have a life of their own, some may extend to the whole life and some may just get broken in a couple of months. But most of the time, there is some selfish intention involved.

But most girls are smart these days and they avoid any kind of serious relationship while working as a call girl. A serious relationship is just an extra liability.

Traveling, communicating, dressing up, being presentable in front of a client, taking an interest all requires full attention and a high energy level. Sometimes things may get intimate and you can’t afford to be dull in those moments. So a proper diet and a healthy routine that involves some kind of physical workout are very important.

A young girl sitting on bed, wearing only top, she has got nice pair of long legs. Black long hair, face blurred to protect identity.
Sexy Young Teen Call Girl

Sometimes a call girl has to deal with weird clients and their requests. Call girls are also human beings and they are also conservative. They have things to protect, they can’t just destroy themselves for a client’s one-time entertainment. If a client is old and shares some sort of bond with the girl, then things are different, but she can’t just reveal her personal details in front of you in just 1 meeting.

Today girls between the ages of 18 to 60 are working in this field. After all different men have different wants. Some old men want to date Young Teens and some Young men want to meet older women. It is all about the taste.

Not all girls are successful call girls. It depends on a lot of things. Some women spend all their money on buying stuff and the smart ones, give preference on saving the money and after they restore they start doing some business. Some women have the responsibility of their kids and they are able to do well for them.

We should always be respectful towards each other. Showing some love and care is only going to make your relationship more fun. Here at Pink Lips, we make sure, that both the engaging parties get the best out of each other.

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