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Today anyone who has a phone and an Instagram account or a YouTube channel in India can aim for celebrity status in India. Earlier there were many TikTok app users known as TikTokers or TikTokiye who gained huge popularity, but the Government of India banned the app and many TikTokers lost a lot fan base, some of them later shifted to Instagram or started putting Shorts on YouTube.

Mumbai itself is a center of showbiz, we have here the Film and TV Industry, as well as the Fashion industry, which attracts a lot of youth from all over the country. Today a YouTuber can earn as much or even more than a popular TV personality or Film actor. But it is not so easy to acquire that amount of fame. It needs hard work, persistence, consistency, and luck.

Pink Lips is an escort agency in Mumbai, known to provide high-profile female escorts at low rates. Low in the sense of what middle-class people can afford. We do not provide call girls services at street rates, because our girls are way better than them. We provide celebrity escorts in Mumbai, who are not very popular, but yes they have a certain amount of fan following online. They entertain their online viewers with sensual dance moves in skin and assets flashing clothes. They may talk dirty, use bad words, or even make reaction videos, well even the untalented people have the chance to get popular today.

Who needs sponsorship?

sweet ex-TikToker

There are a couple of young and sexy girls who have joined Pink Lips as a part-time model escorts in Mumbai. These young girls have looks, and they know how to seduce an audience with their aura. But they need money to grow in the form of direct or indirect sponsorship. Currently, even though they have a growing fan following, they still don’t make money. Every dream requires motivation and money, they have their motivation, can you give them money or sponsor them indirectly? In return, these hot and sexy YouTubers of Mumbai, and Insta Influencers will spend some quality time with you.

Mumbai YouTube Call Girls

None of the content creators who put adult or vulgar content of themselves will claim that they also work as a call girl. For any girl, even if she is a YouTuber, respect, and image are very important. So, if you look for a call girl in Mumbai on YouTube, you may find videos of Red Light Area or some news related to escorts. But to meet an actual YouTuber call girl in Mumbai, you will have to contact an agency, like this one.

Instagram Influencers in Mumbai seeks male clients

Insta models who post regular pics and reels of their exotic body seeks male clients who can pay them for the interaction. Interaction can be verbal basis or even physical. Not only you can pose for a selfie with them, but you can also have a wonderful evening in your Hotel room or in the comfort of your Apartment. But make sure you book for a decent place because these Insta models seek genuine and rich clients. No time wasters and time passers, only serious men who can afford them should contact Pink Lips for inquiry.

Popular ex-TikToker is now a high-profile celebrity escort

When TikTok was banned it was shocking for everyone, but it was disheartening and disastrous to those girls who newly acquired some popularity online. Not so academically sound, they were not competitive for jobs, some of them switched to YouTube Shorts or Instagram Reels, while some looked for a side career because getting your account blocked is not a new thing on these social media platforms.

If you want to meet an ex-TikToker cum high-profile celebrity escort, you can consult us. We will let you know if she is available or not, and if not what other options we have for you.

TV and Film actress Escorts

A face that you must have seen a couple of times in a TV show, or in a film, you may not know her name, but yes you may recognize her from some Magazine ad, or from a Banner at the nearest shopping mart, you may even be following her online. She is young, vibrant, and very talented. For some reason hustling at the side for some extra cash and fun.

Bollywood Call Girls

sexy Bollywood Call Girl

It is not so easy to survive in Mumbai. The cost of living is damn high. You need to be doing exceptionally well in your Bollywood Career if you even just want to live in a decent society in a decent neighborhood of Mumbai.

Many girls would come to Mumbai, to fulfill their Bollywood dreams, but only a few get lucky. Others have to return back to home, while some just get stuck in the city for personal reasons. Some of these girls from Bollywood may become an independent escort or Bollywood Call Girl and may join an agency like Pink Lips.

Popular Elite Call Girls in Mumbai

  1. Isha Basu – very talented and experienced call girl
  2. Sana Patel – known for her college-girl vibes, also puts sex videos on xHamster playing school or college girl having sex with a teacher or a tutor
  3. Shreya Saxena – a perfect girl for men who are looking for a premium escort at an affordable price
  4. Neha Mari – Our very own spice girl, very satisfying, and eye-candy
  5. Mahak Agarwal – a loyal Sugar Baby, seeks a dedicated client

Celebrity escorts are not your regular call girls

Celebrity Escorts are very few in number. It is not like every girl who is famous wants to join this profession. Some may have experienced being a call girl before they became a celebrity, or they chose it later for any reason, maybe they needed more money. But these celebrity escorts in Mumbai are not like your regular call girls.

Firstly, the issue with their dates, they may not be available because they are busy with their shoot, so you might have to go by their dates. Secondly, a regular call girl at Pink Lips charges Rs.5k to Rs.6k for a 1-2 hour session, while the expected donation for our Bollywood Call Girls is Rs.30k for a 1-2 hour session.


Duration (in hours)Donation (in INR)
1-2 (Quickie)Rs. 30,000
2-4 (2-shots)Rs. 50,000
4-8 (Full Night)Rs. 75,000
Cost of Service for Celebrity Escorts

Contact for inquiry

If you have a budget, and you wish to inquire about our celebrity escorts available in Mumbai, please call or WhatsApp at +91-9168140740

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